The Rare Compilation CD

Rare compilation CD (Only 500 Copies Worldwide availabe)
feat. Alex Landenburg (cyHra; LTs Rhapsody)

We (every artist on this CD) are very proud to finally being able to present our collaboration CD to the world. It took us a lot of time and effort to complete this project and it involved a lot of planning. There were times when it looked like we would not be able to complete our project but thanks to a lot of willpower we pulled through and now HERE WE ARE! Keep your Ear to the Sky and watch out for us. There will be more of us soon!


Artist Songname
OK! You Blackheart Winter Frost
OK! You Blackheart Drowning For You
Dark Ballet One More Time
Dark Ballet Candy Cane
Heretica Three Feet From Gold (feat. Alex Landenburg (cyHra, LTs Rhapsody))
Heretica Lone Wolf (feat. Alex Landenburg (cyHra, LTs Rhapsody))
Donatien Sade Que Nos Maten Ya De Una Vez
Donatien Sade Celle Que L'On A Oubliées
The Bottomless Blindsighted
The Bottomless Mangos Over Madness

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